Reishi King of the Mushrooms

Reishi  – Ganoderma lucidum / Gonaderma lingzhi

Reishi a type of fungus, a Mushroom.  In fact traditionally known as ‘King of the Mushrooms’, used for 4000+ years in Traditional  Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat various illnesses.
Reishi translates to ‘divine mushroom’  or even ‘spirit mushroom’, eluding to its value as ‘the essence of immortality’.
A longevity remedy and potentially one of the most powerful Adaptogen’s in nature.  Reishi has the ability to balance many of the bodies systems and organs as well as the mood, mind and the immeasurable spiritual realm within.
Growing  at the base of deciduous trees, especially Oak & Maple, Reishi is native to China, Japan and North America.
Due to their tough exterior and extremely bitter taste Reishi are not used as culinary delight, but savoured exclusively for their medicinal qualities.

Medicinal  Properties:
? Bitter/ cooling/ drying.
?️ Adaptogen
?️ Immune modulating / enhancing
?️ Anti-microbial
?️ Anti-oxidant
?️ Anti-inflammatory
?️ Anti-tumour
?️ Tonic
?️ Stimulant
?️ Nervine
?️ Anti-allergy
?️ Analgesic
?️ Rejuvenating
?️ Cardiotonic
?️ Hepatoprotective

Uses include:
?️ Relaxing adaptogen
?️ Anxiety
?️ Constipation
?️ Chronic Fatigue
?️ Fibromyalgia
?️ Chronic infection
?️ Auto-immune
?️ Type 2 Diabetes
?️ Adjunct therapy for cancer
?️ Tonic for the elderly
?️ Liver support
?️ Hypertension
?️ Hyperlipidaemia (high cholesterol)
?️ Asthma / Bronchitis

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