Agrimonia Eupatoria – Agrimony – Double up with this Liver / Kidney tonic!

? Agrimonia Eupatoria – Agrimony.

Native to Europe, Southwest Asia & North Africa. It may be found inhabiting boarders of fields and hedge banks or damp meadows, pastures and along banks of streams.

All throughout history Agrimony was used as a panacea (remedy for all ailments) as far back in time as the Ancient Greeks & Pliny the Elder.
Agrimony means thankfulness or gratitude in the language of flowers.

Used widely as a healing tonic for mucous membranes as well as its Astringent Properties, with an ability to stop bleeding.
In medieval times Agrimony was used for internal bleeding mixed into a compound with ground up frogs ? ?

Recommended for patients – esp. Females – who tend to carry loads of stress & tension but hold it all inside – wearing a mask of “everything’s ok with me” for the outside world. Those who benefit from Agrimony try to hold back pain and not complain.

Agrimony has an affinity for the Liver & Kidneys, and a secondary effect on the Digestive Tract.

Medicinal Properties:
?️ Bitter tonic / digestive
?️ Cholagogue
?️ Choleretic
?️ Diuretic
?️ Hepatotonic
?️ Hepatorestortive
?️ Renal tonic
?️ Emmenagogue (mild)

Uses include:
?️ Diarrhoea
?️ Haemorrhoids
?️ Anorexia
?️ Gall Bladder dysfunction
?️ Cystitis / UTI’s
?️ Colitis
?️ Anti-inflammatory – gastritis, indigestion, heartburn
?️ Calm digestion / digestive tension
?️ Clear inflammations phlegm & toxins
?️ Skin inflammations – including internal mucous membranes / topically for inflammations & burns.
?️ Ulcers
?️ Gallbladder – if liver is stagnant
?️ Gallbladder pain associated with migrane
?️ Stone passing – Kidney or Gallbladder
?️ Anaemia – indirectly by toning GIT to improve absorption & assimilation
?️ Uterus tension – Dysmenorrhoea
?️ Bed wetting in children
?️ Liver damage – esp. if alcohol or drug abuse is a cause & esp as an homeopathic remedy.
?️ Stool – loose, yellow, floating, fatty.
?️ Hypochlorhydria – low stomach acid.

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