Angelica Senensis – Dong Quai The Female Ginseng

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Today’s Quickie Herb  is:
Dong Quai – Angelica senensis
Used for Centuries in Chinese medicine, sometimes known as the female Ginseng
Dong Quai has many uses,  as well as its affinity with female health.   The root of the plant is traditionally used to make a medicinal tonic, and is also used as a culinary spice.
Dong Quai translates to ‘husband returns to wife” which may hint as to its use in boosting libido ? 
Medicinal Properties:
?️ Adaptogen
?️ Anti-inflammatory
?️ Antioxidant
?️ Anti-spasmodic
?️ Vasodilator
?️ Cardio-tonic
?️ Anti-arrhythmic
?️ Anti-platelet
?️ Hepatotonic
?️ Hepatoprotective
?️ Mild laxative
?️ Mild Sedative
?️ Uterine tonic
?️ Female Reproductive Tonic
Uses include:
?️ Improving bone health
?️ Menopause support
?️ Menstrual support for irregularities such as PMS, Dysmenorrhoea & Amenorrhoea.
?️ Improve libido
?️ Infertility support
?️ Mood support for conditions such as Anxiety,  Nervousness & Depression.
?️ Balance Blood Sugar levels
?️ Boost Heart Health and improve overall Circulation & blood quality.
?️ Treats anaemia
?️ Improves skin health
If you would like to know if Dong Quai  could benefit your health,  reach out to your Naturopath or Herbalist today.  Send me a message on the link below.
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