What Is Naturopathy All About?



As a Naturopath I believe the body has an innate ability to seek out Well-Being.  It is my role to support and guide you and your body in the direction it naturally wants to head – Well-Being.  We do this through non-invasive aspects of diet, lifestyle, and natural herbal medicine, and nutritional supplements; allowing the healing power within nature to nurture your bodies ability to restore itself.

It is my desire to treat my patients as a whole person, taking into account mind, body and spirit.  And while I cannot diagnose your condition I will look to treat the underlying cause of your symptoms, and not just the symptoms themselves.  It will be my objective to support your bodies systems, and provide the right environment to help your body find relief, or overcome disease.  I may refer you back to your Traditional Healthcare Practitioner for further tests and diagnosis if necessary.

On your first visit a full case history will be taken, so that initial health assessments can be carried out; these may include an Iridology Assessment, pH testing, Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate measurements and so on.  Once we do these steps we will have a basis to begin to understand your health issues, and which direction to take for treatment options. This initial consultation can take an 1-1.5 hours.

Wellness Plan Options

  • Option One ~ A Wellness Plan will be developed based upon your symptoms, and your goals.   Herbal Remedies and or Supplements may be offered, targeted at your specific needs.  Lifestyle and Dietary recommendations may also be included.  No further testing required at this stage.  12 weeks minimum – bimonthly or monthly visits are recommended to monitor your progress and make any changes necessary.
  • Option Two ~ If your case is a little more complicated, it maybe recommended that you undergo some specific testing to really get to the core of what is going on for you.   I may be able to organise some pathology for you (https://nutripath.com.au),  or I might need to refer you to a General Practitioner, who can then request the required testing.   If diagnosis is required we will definitely need to liaise with your Medical Doctor.   I am not a Medical Doctor and am not licensed to diagnose or treat disease.  My services are aimed at supporting, balancing and maintaining good health.   At this stage we would await the test results before finalising a Wellness Plan.   We would book a further consultation to discuss the test results and formulate a Wellness Plan, in conjunction with your G.P. , based upon those results.

You are welcome to bring a support person wth you to any of these visits. 

  • Follow-up Visits ~ These are important while you are on your way to achieving your goals.  I want to monitor your progress, to be sure I have chosen the best management regime for you;  that it suits your needs and  that you feel you can stick to.  As things begin to improve, remedies and recommendations may need to change.
  • Maintenance Visits ~ Once Good Vitality has been achieved, and you no longer require regular visits to be monitored, I would still love to see you occasionally.  Maintaining all of your hard work, and ensuring you are still on track to an Abundance of energy and Harmony of your mind and body,  is important to me.  As your Naturopath I want to be available to support your health throughout your life as it changes.
Not a substitute for Medical Advice
  •  It is important that you understand your Naturopathy consultations are in no way a substitute for traditional medical consultations.  I am not a Medical Doctor, and as such am not here for medical or diagnostic procedures.  I am here to consult with you about nutritional, naturopathic and lifestyle matters;  intended toward supporting, balancing and maintaining your state of health.