Artemisia absinthium – Wormwood cleanse your gut & stimulates digestion!

? Artemisia absinthium – Wormwood

Native to Eurasia & Sth Africa, Wormwood is used as an ornamental plant and medicinally most notably used for the treatment of gastric ailments and eradication of worms. In the garden used as a companion plant to keep away pests.

Mentioned in the Hippocratic collection often, Wormwood is an ancient plant. Noted medicinally as far back as the 5th century BCE.

It was used as a major ingredient for the drink known at Absinthe. Often consumed in the 19th century by French musicians and writers – overconsumption was known to cause hallucinations known as “absenthims”…

A tincture can be made from fresh young leaves ? and is invaluable in the treatment of parasites, jaundice, epilepsy.

Medicinal Properties:
?️ Antihelmintic
?️ Antiseptic
?️ Anti-microbial
?️ Bitter tonic
?️ Astringent
?️ Cholertic
?️ Expectorant
?️ Emmenagogue

Uses include:
?️ Worming treatment
?️ Anorexia – stimulates appetite
?️ Epilepsy
?️ Jaundice
?️ Hysteria
?️ Dyspepsia – indigestion
?️ Bile Tract Disorders
?️ Insect repellent

N.B. No to be taken over long periods of time – 3-4 weeks is usually OK.
And not to be taken in large quantities due to its narcotic effects.

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