True Unicorn root – Uterine support is here!

? True Unicorn root – Aletris farinosa
Other names include Colic root, Devils bit, Stargrass, Black-root, Crow corn & Blazing Star. Should not be confused with False Unicorn Root (Helonias luteum or Chamaelirium luteum) as they have different properties and uses.
Aletris is a low growing perennial wildflower, like a tall grass, with tiny urn shaped blossoms sprouting in a cluster from a sturdy stem. Surviving in a wide range of environments from thick forests to wide open fields. Aletris enjoys full sun and sandy soil. Native to Eatern & North America.
True Unicorn Root is classed as rare and thought to be at risk, due to the destruction of its habitat.
The rhizomes are harvested, dried and made into a tincture.
Traditionally used for Centuries to support women’s reproductive health – including menstrual dysfunction & Infertility.  Native Americans have used it to support women with a history of miscarriage as well as treating colic, dysentery & gastrointestinal problems.
N.B. large doses the fresh root may lead to nausea, vomiting & diarrhoea; or potentially have a narcotic effect. These properties are lost when dried.
Medicinal Properties:
?️ Anodyne (pain relieving)
?️ Oestrogenic
?️ Bitter / digestive tonic
?️ Tonic
?️ Spasmolytic
?️ Uterine tonic
Uses include:
?️ Toning the Uterus
?️ Supportive of Menstrual Disorders such as Dysmenorrhoea & Amenorrhoea
?️ Support issues with Infertility
?️ Relieve stomach ache & flatulence
?️ Relieve Colic
?️ Relieve Dysentery
?️ Tone the stomach
?️ Relieve dyspepsia
?️ To treat Hysteria
?️ Induce appetite
?️ Support Anorexia
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