Hold onto your bladder – Bearberry is here to help!

? Arctostaphylos uva-ursi – Bearberry

Bearberry is native to the Arctic enjoying the temperature zone of the Northern Hemisphere. Bearberry prefers dry, heathy mountainous places on moors and banks, from Europe to North Asia, North Japan, North America.
Of the Heath family (Ericaceae) sometimes referred to at kinnikinnick . The Latin uva ursi, the uva is for “grape, berry of the vine” and ursi is “bear” – so ‘bear grape’ ‘bearberry’.
It’s uses were first written about as far back as the 13th century by the physicians of Myddafi Welsh Herbal.
While boasting a bright red Berry, it is the leaves that are harvested in early Autumn and used medicinally.

Medicinal Properties:
?️ Urinary Antiseptic
?️ Anti-inflammatory
?️ Anti-microbial
?️ Astringent

Uses include:
?️ Relief of Urinary Tract Infections
?️ Support Cystitis
?️ Helpful for Urethritis
?️ Prostatitis
?️ Relieves Pyelitis
?️ Lithuria / Bladder & Kidney stones
?️ Helpful for bed wetting
?️ Vaginal ulceration and infection

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