Celery Seed the Antioxidant Queen

? Apium graveolens – Celery seed

Grown as a vegetable since antiquity, celery is a marshland plant, who’s seeds can be powdered and used as a spice.  Celery dates as far back as the Tomb of Tutankhamun and Heraion of Samos in Ancient Greece – though it probably grew wild in these areas.
The first cultivation of Celery Seed was thought to have been in the Mediterranean region.

Celery seeds are rich in the minerals Calcium, Iron and Manganese.   Also containing smaller amounts of Zinc, Magnesium and Phosphorus.  Being high in Antioxidants Celery seeds are beneficial in combating effects of oxidative stress.
Used traditionally to treat spasms, gastric issues, as a diuretic and sedative.

Medicinal  Properties:
?️ Anti-rheumatic
?️ Diuretic
?️ Anti-oedema
?️ Antiseptic
?️ Antispasmodic
?️ Hypoglycaemic
?️ Emmenagogue
?️ Hepatoprotective
?️ Anti-diabetic
?️ Anti-ulcer

Uses include:
?️ Helpful for reducing incidences of gout
?️ Supportive in Arthritis
?️ Supportive in Rheumatism
?️ Relieves Urinary Tract Infections
?️ Relieves stomach upset
?️ Helpful for Constipation
?️ Reduces oedema and fluid retention
?️ Useful in treating Colic and flatulence
?️ Supportive for conditions of Cystitis

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