Adhatoda the Breathe Easy Herb.

? Adhatoda vasica – Adhatoda

Native to Asia, and grown on the Plains throughout India, Sri Lanka,  Malaysia & Burma.  Adhatoda is used widely in Ayurvedic,  Siddah & Unani Medicines, as a cough tonic, to treat chronic coughs in conditions such as asthma & bronchitis.  Works well for dry throats, fits of sneezing, loss of taste and smell.
An infusion or tincture is made from the leaves.  Adhatoda also contains volatile oils for making an essential oil.

Medicinal Properties:
?️Anti-spasmodic (esp. Respiratory)
?️Bronchodilator (mild)
?️Expectorant (Relaxing)
?️Anti-inflammatory &
?️ Hepatoprotective (phase 1 & 2 liver function)

Uses Include:
?️Bronchitis –  acute and chronic, esp. if mucous is thick & stringy
?️Cough – works well with Echinacea
?️Respiratory mucus – e.g. URT infection.
?️Gingivitis – locally applied 2 x daily for 3 weeks.
?️Helps with uterine contraction & post-partum haemorrhage.
?️Fever – traditional use
?️Powder made into poultice has been used for rheumatic joints, urticaria & neuralgia

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