Contrast is a beautiful thing…

What a wonderful world ♡♡♡♡♡
There will always be outstanding contrast in this place….

We must have the dark to know what the light is…. Thank the darkness for highlighting the light… Thank the sadness for highlighting the happiness….
Thank the richness of contrast, so that new desires can be born from the things that we have the freedom to decide we do not want…. Because we first usually decide what we do not want, before we work out what we do want….. !!!
Pheww that was a mouthful, but I think you’ll get it ♡♡♡♡

It’s ok to go slow…

Morning Rock n Rollers 🎶🎧📼📀📻
How you all feeling today?

I had a nice sleep &  yet still am a little tired… I’ve decided in that case it’s OK to go slowly 🐢 take your time. 

What’s the rush?  Feel the ease & flow,  enjoy the calm part of the river of life. The rapids are not far out of sight & then, the momentum of the river will zoom me along to where I should be.

In the calm, I have time to look around and notice all the opportunities that surround me.  Quietly assessing the right choices to make.
So enjoy your calm n enjoy your day MWAH!

Distraction can be a path to Happiness..

Morning shakers n movers 🐮☕
Ahhhh sweet distraction, it could be a lovely sunrise, a beautiful flower, a giggle from a child, your loyal pet, the smell of coffee, a good book, old photo’s, even solitaire or cookie jam lol. Anything that distracts your mind from uncomfortable thoughts is a gift. A meditation in itself, allowing a space for comfortable thoughts to creep in. Be aware that you control your mind, practice distraction, as a path to happy thoughts & a happy day xxx

Can’t always believe your eyes….

Sometimes what we observe is deceiving ?.

We are limited by these apparatus we use to see…

I am finding, if I have faith in only that which my eyes see, the road appears steep and long.                                                                                            I must grow my awareness, to believe in that, which is beyond what my eyes can see; so I am able to find the strength, courage and self belief, to keep moving forward, toward fulfilling desires. 

So try to see beyond that, which your eyes are limited by.

And use that vision, to find the strength, to do today in an awesome way xxxx