My Story

I am an independent aware woman, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a mother, an optimist and deliberate creator of my life and my health!

I am passionate about people.  In my former life I practiced Beauty Therapy.   My career in the  Beauty Industry, allowed me to become close with my clients, and I found that people felt comfortable enough to open up to me, and ask questions about their health issues.  Of course as a Beauty Therapist I was not qualified to give advice on such things; however my curiosity about Health & Natural Remedies grew.  It wasn’t long before I found myself studying Naturopathy.

With the early birth of my daughter (11 weeks early!) my studies were cut short, to care for my tiny bundle of joy (all 2 pounds of her!). That was 17 years ago! I found myself wondering if I would ever venture back to my studies and become a Naturopath?  On my journey raising children, I always harked back to the knowledge I had gained from my early studies, always aiming to live what I had been taught.

I went on to  gain a qualification in Laboratory Techniques – Pathology Testing; this qualification allows me a very well rounded knowledge of the human body and the conditions that afflict it.  It also allows me to interpret pathology testing, understanding the intricate Bio-Chemistry within the cells of our body.

Learning is also my passion, something I think we never stop doing, I will continue to educate myself as “knowledge is power” so the saying goes.
If I don’t know, I will find out!