About Nat The Herbal Medicine Woman

A Little Bit About Natalie

Hello I am Nat The Herbal Medicine Woman

I am Passionate about Helping People Feel Better.

I offer wellbeing support and guidance for everyone.

I am particularly passionate about:

  • Immune Support – Autoimmune or otherwise.
  • Good Gut Health & Weight Loss.
  • Relief from Pain, Allergies & Inflammation.
  • Support for Stress, Anxiety,  Mood & Hormonal Issues.
  • Help Managing Fatigue, Chronic Health Conditions & much more!

I am Kind, Empathetic and Realistic!

I believe you deserve to feel like the best you, that you can.  My goal is to inspire you to take the reigns of your health and direct it toward harmony and abundance.  I want to empower you to realise your full health potential, and know the role you play is most important!  You heal your body! You are in control!

As a Naturopath I believe this can be achieved through the non-invasive aspects of diet, lifestyle, and natural medicine, based on herbs and nutritional supplements; so that the healing power of nature might enhance your bodies own ability to repair itself.

My desire is to treat patients as a whole person, taking into account mind, body and spirit. And while I can not diagnose your condition, I will look to treat the underlying cause of your symptoms and not just the symptoms themselves. It will be my objective to support your bodies systems, and provide the right environment to help the body find relief or overcome disease.

A bit about me the person!

I am a Mum, Beauty Therapist, Trained Pathology Laboratory Technician & Naturopath.

I love to Garden, Cook,  Sing & work with my hands…

I can pass as an Admin. Assistant, Writer, Photographer & Philosopher.

I practice daily Domestic Goddess skills (am particularly handy with a mop!), am an occasional Wannabe Carpenter,   Beekeeper, Dog Groomer/Walker, and Kitty Pamperer!

I love walks on the beach, cheese, dark chocolate and caffeine in all its forms.

I have an optimistic down to earth attitude and am told I am easy to talk to.

I am passionate about Natural Health Care and helping people to help themselves.

If you would like to know if a Natural Health plan could benefit you or your families health,  reach out and have a chat with Nat today.

I offer a free 15 minute Chat with Nat to give you the opportunity to decide if Naturopathy is the right path for you, and indeed if I am the right fit for you – I believe it is important to feel comfortable with your Health care provider.

Contact Nat The Herbal Medicine Woman on the form below or check out my Facebook Page.



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